Connection & Communication

Spilling out and splashing over.


Saara Taina, Dance Pastor & Author:

"Tehillah is a dancer who expresses her heart with such authenticity that it's not only inspiring, but also shifts the atmosphere and releases freedom for others to be fully alive and connected... connected with their own hearts and with the heart of our Heavenly Father. She is a creative storyteller and a dancing poet, carrying the fragrance of Heaven on earth." 


Randall Flinn, Director of Ad Deum Dance Company:

"Tehillah Hartmann carries the signature of God's Spirit through the virtues of her life and the expressions of her dance artistry in worship. I consider this young woman as a true New Testament levitical worshipper, called, appointed and anointed by God. I believe that there are artists who bear the mark of having been 'born in Zion -Psalm 87'. Tehillah is surely among the tribe!"